Plantenkwekerij Kapteijns specialises in the cultivation of leek plants.  These plants are grown from leek seeds, and can be supplied at the moment they are ready to be planted. Kapteijns can produce all types of plants for any planting period and because of this, is a supplier of the complete range of leek plants.


• Bare-root plants
By far the largest number of leek plants cultivated by Kapteijns are the so-called ‘bare-root plants’. With this type of plant, the leek seeds are sown directly into the ground by a precision sowing machine at exactly the same distance from each other. In this way each tiny plant has the same amount of space to become a fully-grown, well-formed plant.

• Super seedling
As well as the method of cultivation already mentioned, there is often also a need to give the leek plants a

larger root volume, and for this reason Kapteijns cultivates them in specially developed trays. One tray can hold 286 tiny plants, each in its own ball of potting compost. With this method, the roots of the tiny plant can grow into a bigger plant and can later be bedded out along with the ball of soil.

The production of leeks in the Netherlands is divided into three periods, producing summer leeks, autumn leeks and winter leeks. These separate production periods are then divided into’early’ and ‘late’.  In the Netherlands the planting period for leeks runs from the beginning of March to the beginning of August.  In order to have the leek plants ready to plant on time, Kapteijns uses various methods to bring the process forward, including the use of greenhouses, small tunnels and flat field cover (plastic foil or acrylic cloth).